Sports & Fitness Classes

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These classes are run weekly on a scheduled day & time depending on your venue or school. You can choose one or more of these services at one or more venues!


We are all about promoting a healthier, happier and more active lifestyle… That’s we have created our own unique “Online Series” & Activities streamed live daily and even during the holidays! Did you know that we pay for your kids to play?


Using innovative, entertaining and educational services.

Online Children's Activites

Get started with B-ACTIVE online children’s activities for FREE! Join our Facebook Group and gain access to our live and prerecorded classes 4 x a week FOR FREE!
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Monday-Thursday (17:00-17:30)

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Monday – Friday (08:00-12:00)

19th-23rd / 26th-30th July 2021

Children's Sports & Fitness

Through fun holistic coaching, we introduce our players to the practice of sports and physical development. These classes are once a week for 30 minutes, all equipment is provided by us and classes take place at your school, venue or house.

Additional Services

Collaborate with us to achieve an exciting and memorable experience at an affordable price.

Kids Sports & Fitness

Through fun holistic coaching, we practice sports and physical development.

Clubs & Parties

We have come up with a way to allow your children to be not only exposed to their family’s healthy habits but even learn some new ones of their own!

Additional Services

Collaborate with us to achieve an exciting and memorable experience at an affordable price.

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