Childrens Kits Old

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Full B-Active Kits for Kids

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Full B-Active Kits for Kids

5 reviews for Childrens Kits Old

  1. CraigRiddle1.

    My Child loves his kit!

  2. Jordan De Santos

    Love these kits! The kids look awesome in them!

  3. My kids never want to take theirs off

    This kit is made of such quality material, I was pleasantly surprised when it was delivered and their service was awesome

  4. CraigRiddle1.

    All the kids at my school don’t stop asking to wear their B-Active Kit!

  5. Gilda Fortune

    Please can you add 13~14 thank you

    • admin

      Hi Gilda, Thank you so much for the recommendation! We have added your request!

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